Dead Weight Testers

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Automatic dead weight testers

Automatic dead weight tester is same function and accuracy with hand type DWT.
Special features:
1. Pressure system and weights system are automatic operation 
2. Weights is mirror weights, which is anti-dust and keep long term stability.  The weights monitoring system real time report the weights condition; weights is pneumatic drive without hand touching.
3. Anti-broke piston system, control system wrong doings protection, and ambient condition monitoring.
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
Connection: M20*1.5 or other adapters
Ambient condition: 20±2 ℃, RH: ≤95%
Control screen: 7" TFT touch screen.
Technical specification:
Pressure range (PR60): 10~600bar, each calibration will be set automatically as your range or user defined points.
Accuracy: 0.05%, 0.02%, 0.01%, 0.005%
Pressure stable time: user defined 0~10minutes
Screen with instrument operation instruction

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