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LoRa Wireless Pressure Transmitter


LoRa Wireless intelligent digital pressure transmitter(hereinafter referred to as transmitter) is mainly composed of central processing, signal measurement, power management, detection alarm and wireless communication. The transmitter measurement applies for a full scene coverage through the latest mainstream communication technology such as NB-IOT, LoRa and GSM.

The transmitter takes into account multiple needs as real-time measurement, real-time communication and long-term use under low-power, with multiple alarm processing mechanisms as upper/lower limit alarm, low battery alarm, instrument/field fault alarm. Users can get instrument measurement data through PC-end or mobile-end, and interact with the equipment through the leading cloud management platform.

Database storage time is one year by default, which also can be extended according to users need, brings a good performance of real-time monitor on various unattended operation field.


The transmitter can be connected to terminal platform (PC or mobile terminal) through ELV® LoRaWan gateway and LoRa server, which can also access to certain third-party platform through LoRa sever. User can observe the data and perform remote operations on terminal platform.


The transmitter can achieve real-time monitor and wireless data transmission, spare the cost of wiring and labour, is an ideal upgrade product for traditional pressure transmitters.



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